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Giulietta Beau Zawadzki, (b. 1992, UK)

About Me

Artist, Costume Designer, Photographer & Illustrator with 5+years related freelance experience, a portfolio of varied accomplishments, including exhibitions and academic achievements. I possess a strong sense of artistry and forward-thinking that is consistently displayed across all art pieces.


Fine Art BA Hons University of Lincoln 2011-present

Fine Art, Photography and Media - A Level John Leggott College 2009-2011

A-Level, Art and Design, South Axholme School, 2007-2009



 Self-Employed, Manchester, UK / December 2018 - Present 

⦁ Design, develop, and deliver art pieces to clients according to specifications. This can be done through a variety of software including Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro, whilst using a WACOM Cintiq from my home office or iPad Pro if working remotely.

⦁ Commissions including; 

⦁ Private client commission, 'Life on Mars', August 2019 ⦁ Private client commission, 'Heroes Rising' Comic, June 2019⦁ Private client commission, 'The Bat Who Laughs', May 2019 ⦁ SnakeHead Studios, Star Pirates Online Game Character Concept Art, February 2015  


Self-Employed, Manchester, UK / December 2017 - Present 

 ⦁ Highly experienced apparel graphics designer for clothing company CrossBeau Attire using Illustrator. Projects include; extensive research on current consumer trends and multi-product categories. Also involved building and maintaining good working relationships with suppliers. 

 ⦁ Sticker and stationary designs for private clients. 

 ⦁ Wedding and Party invitations for private clients. 

 ⦁ UI / UX design for gambling game 'Melty Slots' in design challenge for SG Gaming. 

 ⦁ Twitch emotes, badge designs and UI Layouts for private clients who stream online content. 


Self-Employed, Manchester, UK / October 2015 - Present 

⦁ Cosplay photographer using Canon DLSR. 

 ⦁Apparel Photographer for HardTimes Clothing. 

 ⦁ Cosplay and Fashion photograph editing using Lightroom and Photoshop. 

 ⦁ Apparel Photographer for Fierce Edge. 

 ⦁ Youtube and Twitch video editing on Premier Pro. 

 ⦁ Corporate photography and headshots for a financial adviser. 


 Self-Employed, World Wide / February 2015 - Present 

 ⦁ Design and create costumes for international exhibitions and conventions, examples include; Emperor of Mankind (Warhammer), Alien Queen (Aliens), Daedric Armor (Skyrim) and Red Sonja (Conan the Barbarian). 

 ⦁ Post online how-to videos for Patreon subscribers to help others develop skills and knowledge in costume design within the cosplay community. 

⦁ Commissions including; 

 ⦁DreamWorks advert shot in Rome, Voltron Costume, September 2017 ⦁ Ganapati, Battle Crypt Egyptian Queen, February 2017⦁ SnakeHead Software LLC, Star Pirates Cpt Giulietta, February 2015   


Self-Employed, World Wide/ July 2016 - Present 

 ⦁ Seville Comic conSpain, / december 2019 (inpending) 

 ⦁ Meltdown ESports Bar Grand Opening Sheffield, UK / May 2019 

⦁ MCM Birmingham Birmingham, UK / October 2018 

 ⦁ CosplaySky Review VideoYorkshire, UK / August 2017 

 ⦁ Vienna Comic Con Austria / July 2017 

 ⦁ ETNA Convention Sicilla, Italy / June 2017 

⦁ Machinima at London MCM Convention London, UK / May 2017 

 ⦁ Totally ICE Gaming ConventionLondon, UK / February 2017 

 ⦁ Captial SCI FI Charity Comic ConScotland, UK / February 2017 

 ⦁ Mega Con Mexico / December 2016 

 ⦁ ShopTo Review video Yorshire, UK / November 2016 

⦁ Fierce Edge Clothing Review Video Yorkshire, UK / August 2016 

 ⦁ Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusades Game Launch, Bandai Namco Games IncLondon, UK / July 2016 

 ⦁ Heroes & Villains Convention Bulgaria / June 2016 

 ⦁ Shotaku Convention Morocco / September 2015 

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