I am a Fantastic Realist, but Surrealism has played a part in my development, learning how to harvest my dreams as fuel for my ideas by exploring and conveying the inner realms of my mind, and tapping into my subconscious.

I take inspiration from video games, as their stories challenge the structure of reality, and stray away from the everyday, allowing one’s creativity to flow freely. Alongside video games I take influence from comic books and graphic novels, like games they possess the power of the gods, in the sense we can create anything in our own world. The readers can enter this realm and become a part of it, and this is the purpose of my art. My passion for creating other worldly creatures and distorting reality is the soul of my paintings.

I am also interested in how female characters are represented in the gaming industry. Employing painting, digital drawing and costume making, I am exploring the sexualization and objectification of female protagonists and observing the evolution of their roles. My work is there to celebrate strong female characters and question the ubiquitous use of ‘scanty armor’ within these digital representations. 

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